Sorrento Reception Counter

Modern simple designed reception counter available in white over beech, charcoal over white and white over casnan. Desk return and matching accessories available.

Size & Colour Options:

  • QT-M603WB-15, White over Beech (W1500*D840*H1150)
  • QT-M603CW-15, Charcoal over White (W1500*D840*H1150)
  • QT-M603WB-18, White over Beech (W1800*D840*H1150)
  • QT-M603CW-18, Charcoal over White (W1800*D840*H1150)
  • QT-M603CSN/WH, White over Casnan (W1800*D840*H1150)
  • QT-M603WB-21, White over Beech (W2100*D840*H1150)
  • QT-M603CW-21, Charcoal over White (W2100*D840*H1150)


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