Innovation. Quality. Reliability.

From our humble beginnings in 2009, General Office Products (GOP) have been determined to standout from the crowd. Every now and then a company comes along that challenges the industry norms. Innovation requires vision, Quality requires commitment and Reliability requires consistency, these are the standards we strive to achieve. That’s why GOP has grown over 30% year on year. Our commitment to supply innovative, practical and cost effective business furniture to the Australia market is grounded in well managed professional procurement processes. This valuable resource is supported by our manufacturing partners in China and around the world ensuring an efficient and reliable procurement business model.  And it doesn’t stop there; we have developed a national resource solution that offers warehousing, delivery and installation services in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth that provides excellent customer service and quick order turnaround. In addition to GOP’s growing product range we have the ability to manufacture “one-off” models to a customer’s exact specifications.


Selection. Logistics. Management.

Our professional procurement staff work closely with our manufacturers’ providing optimal workflow, productivity efficiency, high quality products and most importantly competitive advantage. We value each of our suppliers as an integral contributor of the overall procurement solution, all working as part of our international team.  All GOP procurement staff are bi-lingual and have a detailed working knowledge of each suppliers production process for fast efficient and accurate communication.


Stock Management. Accuracy. Delivery.

Our national warehousing strategy provides consistent and professional stock management, order accuracy and on-time delivery  from our four national distribution center locations.  Anticipating product stock levels in each of our state warehouses is always challenging, that’s why we work in partnership with our clients to provide the best possible service.


Scheduled. Protective Packaging. On time.

GOP appreciate that delivery of office furniture is often the final process in an office fit-out and needs to support a demanding schedule. That’s why we have invested a great deal of time and expertise in designing packaging and stock delivery processes and procedures for our vast range of office furniture. Our focus is to ensure stock is not damaged in transit and is presented in a format that is easily assembled and positioned ready for use. For example our Reception Counters have been designed with all logistical challenges in mind. From specifically designed packaging, efficient placement in shipping containers to warehouse storage, vehicle loading and final delivery, every potential problem is anticipated.


Fast. Friendly. Respectful.

Assembling office furniture in different environments can often be challenging, requiring a professional approach that is respectful of client environmental needs. Our highly trained staff are aware of the need to efficiently assemble furniture in a quick and friendly manner.   After assembly all packaging material is removed and floor vacuumed.