Kent Reception Counter

Impeccable style and incredible versatility. A high quality modular counter that can be arranged in many configurations to fit your space perfectly. Create any lengths of L shape, U shape, boxed shape, even an S shape. Front sections are 1190mm long, corner sections are 1395mm Add as many sections together as required. Counter body in high gloss white with quality fixtures. Feature stripping and kick plate in stainless steel. Gloss white desk top. Stone hob top in Jade white.

  • Kent 1 consists of a front and corner module
  • Kent 2 is an add-on module
  • Kent 101 consists of one front module
  • Kent 1012 consists of two front modules
  • Kent 10122 consists of three front modules
  • Kent 12 consists of two front and one corner modules
  • Kent 122 consists of three front and one corner modules
  • Kent consists of four front and two corner modules

Panels available in:              2 Pack Paint, Glass or Stone to match Hob

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  • Size: W1100mm x D690mm x H1200mm, W1190mm x D690mm x H1200mm, W1395mm x D690mm x H1200mm, W2290mm x D690mm x H1200mm, W2495mm x D1395mm x H1200mm, W3390mm x D690mm x H1200mm, W3595mm x D1395mm x H1200mm, W4900mm x D1395mm x H1200mm
  • Colour: Counter Body-Hi-Gloss white 2 Pack finish with stainless steel trim lines and kick plate. Desk Top-Gloss white melamine desk top. Hob Top-Jade White Caesar stone hob flush with counter top